Some say frog legs taste like chicken, but in the swamp, gators arenít picky. Letís see if these gators can swallow these larger than expected frogs.

This hard headed beast has big head on his shoulders.

He loves stealing crawfish from traps or wherever he can find them.

Crawfish are a very tasty treat for gators. Boudreaux is looking for revenge as he tries to kill those gators.

Whether itís day or night in the swamp, mosquitos are a real nuisance especially in large numbers. These blood sucking flies pack a power scatter shot.

In the swamp, you can find snakes near a log or even in a tree. No matter where see them, snakes will be moving fast and furious.

You thought dinosaurs were extinct, but wait until you meet T-Rex.

Itís not a dance or the alligator shuffle, itís the Tree-Shaka moving and bouncing trees around.

Their shell provides great protection in the swamp. But when they get angry, the turtle will drop the bomb on those gators.